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General GPS Vehicle Tracker
T200 General GPS vehicle tracker is manufactured to meet the need of electromobiles and motorcycles. It is equipped with highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronic industry standard, providing functions such as SOS, fuel cutoff, electricity failure, geo-fence function, overspeed warning, historical data upload, under different circumstances.

Widely Working Voltage

The widely working voltage of T200 ranges from 9VDC to 90VDC, which is suitable for many kinds of vehicles.

Small and Light

How heavy is the T200 General GPS vehicle tracker? Only 38 grams! With such light weight, T200, of course, is easily and conveniently to be carried and installed.

High Sensitive GPS Chipset

T200 owns high sensitive GPS chipset with built-in antenna, these outstanding features help T200 become the cutting-edge real-time GPS tracking device and make it timely report the status of your vehicle. It provides short start-up time and fast signal acquisition.If you want, you can replay every moment recorded.

Built-in Battery

Another big advantage of T200 is that it is equipped with built-in battery, whose standby time reaches to 50 hours. What’s more, you have no need to worry when you come across emergency, because the built-in battery can act as backup for about three hours and help you deal with the trouble.

ACC Detection

Powered with ACC detection, T200 can give you the location of anything at any time, all in real time. Therefore, no matter where you go, your location would be updated on time.

GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP
Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz C/A code
GPS chipset MTK high sensitivity GPS chipset
Antenna Built-in GPS antenna, GSM quad-band antenna
LED Indicator GSM-green, GPS-blue, Power-red
Working voltage/Current 9-90VDC/average 4.5mA(60VDC)
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃
Channels 66
Position accuracy 10m
Track sensitivity -165dBm
Working time 3.6 hours
Capture sensitivity -148dBm
Standby Time 43 hours
Position time Hot start: ≤ 2 sec(open sky);
Cold start: ≤ 45 sec(open sky)
Dimension 78.0(L) x 41.0(W) x 13.0(H) mm
Weight 38g
Battery 270mAh / 3.7V industrial grade lithium-polymer battery
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