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1. 360 parking system and interface in one module.
2. Installation more easy, with plug and play wires.
3. With High Definition Reversing/front/Right/Left special Camera 
4. Built-in precise high definition car parking guideline system.
5. Image more clear (digital signal output convert to LVDS signal)
6. Support external DVR 
7. Original button on steering wheel to control
8. Support IR remote control
9. Built-in GPS ,touch screen control (optional)
10. DIP button choose original car UI or 360 general style

360 Safety Assistance Driving System

Bus Safety Iintelligent System

As nowadays, Modern bus transportation system is gettting more and more important in our daily life, HJDTEK supplied the market with a 360 AVM monitering system in a more efficient, smarter and safer way., including 360 AVM, ADAS and 4G Remote monitoring function--The most powerful intelligent driving safety assistance system

1. 360° AVM system

Problems encountered when driving a large vehicle:


long wheelbase

high seat

Internal and external rotation.

So large vehicles have bigger blind spots

Using the international most advanced algorithm, four large Angle night vision camera, installed in the car can for more than 17 m vehicles, 360 ° seamless splicing aerial view, joining together more than 250 square meters, the highest level over the world.

Schematic diagram of Mosaic effect. On the left is a bird's eye view of the renderings, which can be spliced front  5 meters, backward 8 meters, and left/right 4 meters.


eliminate blind area: around the vehicle is clearly visible, eliminate blind spots.

parking assistant: free switch single view, auxiliary parking.

video monitoring: four-way video alone, highest can support 2 TB of external storage.

Remote management: with 4G module, it is convenient for team management.


bus company.

Transportation group

school bus

Fire brigade

Police car




HJDTek Cart 360°advantage:

Widest bird- view angle, at least 4 meters forward, 8 meters backward, left-right 4 meters

Best combination effect: No frame, no shadow, video fluent.

Best night vision effect, using the latest million-dollar AHD ultra clear night vision camera, and equipped with infrared lamp

Largest storage capacity, max up to 2TB external storage

The most stable quality, all products through the European CE standard, and by the China ping an insurance

Video Input Video input Support 4 Way 720P, 4-ch AHD Cameras maximum support 1080P, real-time video;
 Video mode Default boot video and support timer-video;
Video Out-put VGA/CVBS 1 - ch CVBS aviation plugs, level: 1.0 the Vp - p, impedance: 75 Ω);Resolution: PAL system 720*576, NTSC    system 720*480;
Video Storage Support 4-way 720P video U disk independent storage;
Decoding way Video Decoding H.264
Playing Local playback;Press to play full picture in the storage file;
Support 4-way playback, support fast forward, quick return;
Storage Medium Storage USB2.0 Port,Support U disk/portable hard disk, hot plug;
Recorded data volume Support 4 independent records, about 4.7G/ h;
USB Port 1* front USB2.0 (Type A) interface;Support software upgrade, setup import/export, video file backup;
24P wire: 1 channel CVBS video output, USB, vibration sensor interface;
外接 I/O 口 28P line: 4-way camera video input and control trigger, film key interface, infrared interface, power input;
Power Power-in Support 11 v ~ 36 v DC input, wide voltage compatible with conventional car battery, has the car level for gauge surge, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and reverse power protection circuit, suitable for all kinds of vehicle power supply environment.
When the system loses power, it can save the data intact before the power failure, ensure data integrity and avoid the damage of video files and file system.
Detection Engine ACC detection
Power consumption  Standby Power Loss Less than 0.3W
Working Consumption Less than 20W (Don't connect the load)
Others Operation Temperature -40℃~85℃
Parking moniter Support ACC OFF, Parking Moniter for 0~24.
OS system Linux system
Thermal discharge Passive Cooling
Operation Way Infrared remote control/thin film key
Dimension 125*103*27 mm
Operating humidity 10%~90%
Maximum reverse voltage 36V
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2. All products have been well packed before shipping.
3. One year warranty is provided for all models. We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.

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2. All products have been well packed before shipping.
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