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Profile & Philosophy

Profile & Philosophy

About HJD-TekWith 15 years of manufacturing experience, HJD became a leading and advanced ODM/OEM manufacturer of wireless communication solution provider. After over a decade of company history, HJD is more than ever looking to the future. Founded, struggled and flourishing in the age of internet is an asset for the Group, which has always demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes in the market. What started out as just a small gamepad set workshop gradually became a key player in wireless communication sectors.

HJD growth model is based on continuous accumulation, persistent in innovation, and regular launches of value-added products. We put great value on new ideas, simple and environmental design, and are always embracing the leading edge technology.

We company’s product portfolios include entertainment products, driver assistance system, 3G car rearview mirror and dedicated home security.

With products and solutions tailored to commercial, industrial and residential markets, HJD has today grown into a market leader with over 100 experienced engineers in two competent R&D centers, and products sold to over 120 countries.

We, the HJD family, not only seek to build a brand, but establish a philosophy of life along the process as well. We sincerely hope that by setting up the standard of top quality with tangible price, we can help restore the true value of a commercial product, and by doing so create a better life for everyone. For more, please visit:

ODM/OEM ServiceHJD's ODM / OEM service is customizable to meet specific projects and provides flexible and fast hardware solutions to market in a timely manner. We specialize in the design and manufacture of hardware in the field of Telecommunications (wireless home security products, car tracking and monitering, entertainment electronics, driver assistance system etc.) and core R & D teams. have more than 10 years experience in the industry. The experience and expertise of our technicians contribute to shorten the development cycle and release the product to the market.

HJD is particularly successful in providing flexible software / hardware solutions that help our customers gain significant market share in this growing market. Through our commitment to customers and the Post and Telecom industry, we are recognized as Asia's most advanced manufacturer and a reliable partner.
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